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Gregory B. Stanley is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and also a duly license Mortgage Broker in Canada. He is a known expert in private mortgage investing and is the author of book called ‘The Lemming Effect’ (teaches borrowers how to manage debt wisely) and ‘The 15 Steps  to Safe Private Mortgage Investing’ (teaches how to invest in mortgages wisely and safely). 


Our company Home n Work Mortgages is networked across Canada with other mortgage brokers that look to our firm to find suitable mortgage investments for our clients to invest in. Gregory oversees the private investor side of the Canadian mortgage brokerage ‘Home n Work Mortgages’ in both residential and commercial investing.


If you have funds to invest, whether it be cash or registered funds, then our firm can set you up with a balanced portfolio of mortgage investments that will yield a high return of predictable returns. Whatever the mortgage documents state is the interest rate will be the rate you actually receive – paid monthly.

Our company was founded on the principal that 'Our first interests are in your best interests.' 


Out there, in the Canadian mortgage brokerage world, there can be thousands of brokers that can work for just one brokerage. Or, that there are hundreds of mortgage brokerage firms - across Canada. Literally thousands to choose from... so who should you trust for advice? Or teaches you how to make your own decisions wisely? What kind of expecatation do you have as a private mortgage investor? 


LOOK HERE: for honest reliable advice. Together we will have a proper service agreement to act on your instructions and in your best interests. 


We think you should network with us. We are friendly to work with, and honest and fair.  And we have the knowledge to help you build your retirement future. We match the worlds of financial planning with mortgage brokerage; so that you have a better future. That makes us unique and different. We teach our clients to be smart investors. 


Most of our competitors will simply ask you to invest with them, with them picking the investments that you have little or no knowledge of. Your money wasn't even registered against the borrower's house. Instead your money was pooled with unknown others and at the end of the year tell you 'how you did'. That is blind trust and we don't agree with that philosophy. Instead we educate and teach you how to read a file and make investment decisions.  


We don't pool money. We match your money to a specific deal. You will see the whole file; the people wanting money, an appraisal of their home etc..It will be your name that is registered against title on any mortgage investment you make. You will be assigned your own ILA lawyer to represent you - Free of Charge.


We look forward to hearing from you!  

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